Cat Mouton is a lifestyle photographer based in Chicago and specializing in editorial, portrait, wedding, and event photography.

After her first camera purchase at eight years old, a Ricoh RZ-1000, photography has been a constant in Cat's life. Quickly gaining the role as "documentarian" within her family and group of friends, it was rare for Cat not to have a camera with her most of the time. For years, taking photos was about the experience, and capturing moments was her interest. Years later, after inheriting her father's Yashica FX-3 2000, Cat enrolled in photography classes at her high school. During those few years, her technical knowledge grew as well as her excitement for photographic form and process.

More than a decade later, Cat has shot a variety of assignments including food and editorial, events, weddings, and family sessions. However, her approach remains the same as it did at eight-years old - with a documentary nature and a goal to shoot genuine moments.

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